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The Best Nanny Agency in NY - NY Nanny Concierge Services

I am partnered with Lindsay Bell owner of The NY Nanny Center (a Bell Family Company) and together with our respective staffs, we are NY Nanny Concierge Services - one of NYC's Best Nanny Agencies.  Our nanny agency (we call it a nanny concierge service because we are so "high touch"), is the first nanny agency and nanny placement service run by licensed psychotherapists, certified coaches, former nannies and teachers who match families with nannies suited to the specific developmental needs of their child. Instead of focusing on the physical match (days, hours, location) we follow a proven matching process created in my book Secrets of the Nanny Whisperer which focuses on the psycho-social needs as well. We provide the highest level of service to our parents so that they can be assured they have found the very best caregiver for their child. We believe when it comes to finding people who care for and directly affect the lives of children, family-nanny matching should never be a game of chance or setting for "good enough."


Access to 24/7 Sitter Services coverage for Sick Days, Weekends and Vacations

We know that nannies can get sick, may need to travel or leave for an emergency and therefore included in your search fee is a complimentary one year membership to our premier on-demand caregivers from Bell Family Company. Weekends or at night, our Nanny Agency Concierge covers all your childcare needs and emergency childcare situations.

We match your nanny specifically to the developmental needs of your child

Merging the 25 year track record of the NY Nanny Center and the therapeutic assessment tools created in my book, our nannies go through a rigorous recruitment process which evaluates each prospective nanny based on psychological and social behavior profiles as well as their childcare skills and experience. We know that “one nanny does not fit all” and our nannies are evaluated on their abilities to deliver the specific developmental needs of children from infancy to teen-hood. Psychological research proves that each of these childhood stages requires a specific set of care giving skills.

We match your nanny specifically to your family’s characteristics and needs

Using our one of kind Family Needs Assessment our nanny agency professionals thoroughly get to know you and help you to define and articulate your specific childcare needs - making sure your nanny can handle the specific and diverse childcare requirements of your family. For example we match nannies to specific medical needs, e.g. Type 1 Diabetes, or psychological needs, e.g. skills to handle the complexities of children with ADHD or specific family needs, e.g. divorced dual family households. We don’t believe in compromising when it comes to spending time supporting and educating our families and nannies, especially when the stakes are so high.

Each Search Includes Nanny Education, Trials and Assessment

You really don’t know if you have the perfect nanny match until the nanny, children and parents are interacting on the job.  That’s why we build Nanny Trials into our nanny agency search process so that nannies and families can experience working together before an offer or placement is made.  During the trial period we provide training, coaching and education with both families and nannies to gain objective feedback and assessment of the suitability of the match.  This constant communication and support ensures a more successful, happier and long-term placement for families and nannies.

2 hours of post placement Parenting and Childcare Coaching for Nanny or Family

Our nanny agency has licensed therapists, certified coaches, teachers and former nannies here or on-call to help with any childcare challenges (e.g. children not listening to the nanny) or relationship challenges (e.g. communication issues between parent and nanny) that commonly arise during the beginning stages of the parent-nanny relationship. Our clients have told us this added support to families and nannies has been critical for stronger relationships, placements that last much longer and most importantly better caregiving.

It is because of these reasons that our Nanny Agency is consistently considered the best in NY and as a result, referrals and repeat business make up the vast majority of our placements.  If you are interested in speaking with us and learning more about the process please inquire by clicking on the below link.

Lindsay Bell and Tammy Gold - founders of NYC Nanny Concierge Services - NYC's Best Nanny Agency

Lindsay Bell and Tammy Gold - founders of NYC Nanny Concierge Services - NYC's Best Nanny Agency