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Known affectionately as ‘The Nanny Whisperer”, Tammy Gold is an internationally recognized child care expert, media celebrity and founder of the most highly-regarded Nanny Agency in the New York Tri-State area.

In her best-selling book Secrets of the Nanny Whisperer Tammy outlines her proprietary system for finding and matching the best possible nanny for a family, based on social and psychological profiles.

As a fully licensed psychotherapist, Tammy gains a deeper understanding of her client’s family needs. As clients attest, her system really works. Along with her meticulous attention to detail, Tammy’s personal attention to every client ensures their children attain the very best level of childcare.  

Unlike other Nanny Agencies who focus on other domestic help such housekeepers, Butlers and Chefs, Tammy Gold focuses exclusively on Nannies. Finding the perfect match is the objective - not finding someone who will ‘just do’.


Nanny Search and Placement

Our full service offering puts Tammy in charge of managing every single detail of the the process from initial family interviews to placement to contract negotiation to training. This includes:

  • Assessment of family psychological and social needs

  • Assessment of child’s developmental needs.

  • Interviewing

  • Reference checking

  • Contract negotiations

  • Conflict resolution

  • Training and transitioning

For this service, we charge 17% of the Nanny 1st year placement costs. Nanny Search and placement is available exclusively in the New York Tri-State area.

Childcare Counseling

Our ‘a la cart’ service allows you to pick and choose the right level of service to suit you.

  • Assessing your childcare needs

  • Help with childcare selection process

  • Interviewing

  • Reference checking

  • Contract negotiations

  • Conflict resolution

  • Training and transitioning

Childcare Counseling is available nationwide, through video conferencing sessions with Tammy. For this service, we charge $200 per hour - the time required for each service may vary, so we provide estimates before any engagement.

How is our service different?

We have a reputation of providing the best possible childcare as efficiently as possible. Therefore we spend much more time than other agencies researching and interviewing and this is reflected in our higher costs. We charge 17% of our first year Nanny fee, where most agencies charge 10-15%.

Why do we charge more? The answer is simple. Finding the best level of childcare possible can be expensive and time consuming, and these costs can skyrocket if things don’t work out. We believe it is to get it right first time and our business model is based on this.

How do we work together?

This emphasis on service means we work on an exclusive basis. If you choose to hire us, we work with you and your family alone, and we are 100% invested in each other. We do not outsource or work through other agencies or organizations, and never will.

When you hire Tammy Gold, that is who you get. Tammy herself is involved in every client case and is contactable and involved in the day to day.

What happens if things don’t work out?
In the very rare circumstances where a Tammy Gold Nanny does not work out for a client, we offer a no-nonsense 30-day guarantee for new search, match, training and placement. Giving you peace of mind that even in the rarest of situations, if a Nanny doesn’t fit, we will find one that does.

Who is Tammy Gold ?

Tammy Gold is a licensed therapist, certified parent coach, and the founder of Gold Parent Coaching and co-founder NYC Nanny Concierge.  As a nationally recognized parenting expert, Tammy appears regularly on Good Morning America, The Today Show, FOX, and CBS News.  She has appeared in more than 100 magazines and writes regularly for the Huffington Post,, TheBump, and Howcast.

Her first book achieved critical acclaim and became an Amazon bestseller.  It is entitled, Secrets of the Nanny Whisperer: A Practical Guide for Finding and Achieving the Gold Standard of Care for Your Child.  The book was reviewed in the Library Journal and received a coveted star, calling it "exceptional advice", "a required purchase" and stated "well done..."  

The book is a resource for all parents in search of and looking to manage one of the most important people in their child's life - a babysitter, nanny or family caregiver.

Publisher's Weekly said, "... Gold’s method appears likely to pay off in the long term. Parents setting out on the nanny quest will surely benefit from this practical handbook."




Tammy Gold

Tammy Gold