References are Critically Important


First...we only care about paid, professional references.  These are people for whom you worked as a nanny/babysitter.  

Second, for "Job #1" please have this be your LONGEST nanny position.  We really care the most about the nanny jobs you've had the longest. If that's not possible, make this the most RECENT nanny position and explain that in the notes section.

Third, please know that we WILL call your's critically important that you complete this section fully and truthfully.  One of the steps in our screening process is that we will verify all of this information.

Seriously...don't skimp on this section.  If you were only part-time, then say so.  If you were only "on demand" then say so.  If we see overlaps of positions, we're going to be skeptical.  Please also indicate the correct start and end days - we will be verifying these.  And please also make sure to include the contact information for the references.