Parenting is the toughest job on earth. Wouldn't you love to find out how to get your marriage back on track witha few marriage counseling sessions, find the ideal nanny for your family, better calm your newborn or toddler, or even help you handle your difficult child or teen with some parenting advice and coaching? There is no class or book designed to teach you how to be a better parent, so I will work with you to create a customized plan for your unique needs. For well over a decade, I have coached, supported and mentored countless families through their most challenging times, resulting in stronger and happier families. Even the most successful parents deserve the time and space to better themselves and their children.

Tammy talks about finding the perfect nanny

My Services Include:

Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling  to strengthen your partnerships or marriage.  I am particularly helpful when there are children involved since the relationship advice and couples counseling work I provide dovetails with the parenting advice, coaching, and family counseling services I also provide.

Parenting Advice and Coaching I provide individualized advice and guidance to improve everything from sibling relations to toddler tantrums.  My goal from every session is to help you become a better parent.

Teen Parenting Guidance I provide a safe environment for both teens and parents to help mediate and solve problems that arise during this tumultuous period.  The parent-child-relationship is one of the most sacred on earth, and I'm here to help.

Family Counseling and Family Therapy - as a Family Therapist, my practice is solely devoted to helping parents and families address the myriad issues that arise and to provide the family counseling services needed to help all parties.

Nanny Agency Services to help you find the ideal nanny for your specific family needs.

Individual counseling to improve your relationships with spouses, children and teens.


Relationships can suffer after children arrive and many couples feel they need some assistance after this happens. Our sessions can get your marriage back on track. I can help you clearly outline what you need in your relationship and how each of you can improve communication and actions for each of you and yourselves. Studies show that when a relationship is strong children are happier and better adjusted.


Nanny Agency and And Mediation Services:


Based upon my years as a therapist and from child developmental research from Dr. John Bowlby and Dr. Erik Erikson I created my Gold Standard Nanny Selection Process and Nanny Whisperer Communication Techniques.  I wrote my book and created my nanny selection process because I know the critical importance of finding the right caregiver for a child. Scientific research has proven that caregivers directly affect a child's emotional well being and cognitive development. 

As a result of this work, I formed a partnership with The NY Nanny Center, A Bell Family Company to create NYC Nanny Concierge - the premier Nanny Agency in NYC.  Using the process I created in my book "Secrets of the Nanny Whisperer," we help parents find the top nannies who not only care for your children physically, but also emotionally and educationally as well. We find full or part time, live in or live out nannies using the strictest selection process and find professionals who truly love working with and educating children.  Our Nanny Agency is consistently considered the best in NY and as a result, the vast majority of our business is from referrals and repeat clients.

Since finding a nanny is one of the most important tasks a parent will ever face, our nanny agency team supports you through the entire process from interview to hire. Whether it takes 2 weeks or 2 months I speak with parents daily to assure they feel confident knowing they have found the best match for their family. 


Losing a caregiver can be quite stressful for both parent and child and sometimes all that is required to hold onto that nanny is better communication and understanding between nanny and parents. Whether it is helping to negotiate a salary or working through a difficult argument, I can also help mediate through this difficult time.

I've found that just two sessions with parents and the nanny can make all the difference for a smooth family transition and a lasting and successful relationship. I can also provide my exclusive training forms to help fix present and future caregiver issues, such as holidays, bonuses, emotional issues with the children, rules, emergencies and so much more.

Teen Support:

Teenage years can be one of the most difficult times for both parents and children. We can work with your teen where they are most comfortable such as via phone or on the computer. When they feel safe, teens are able to feel comfortable and verbalize the issues they face - issues related to peer pressure, self-esteem, sexuality, and drugs. Together we can make a plan.